Monday, April 21, 2014

Messy Musings: With God ALL things are possible.

It's so easy to doubt ourselves, isn't it? It's easy to forget all the wonderful gifts and strengths we have. To forget God is ALWAYS on our side. Encouraging us. Using us. Molding us. He wishes us nothing but greatness and love. He wishes for nothing but us always! He's amazing!!

It's important to remember in times of self doubt and worry that God is right there with you. Holding your hand. Touching your heart. Using you for the plan He has specifically for you. 

Here's a fun story where trusting in the Lords strength would have been useful to QT during a difficult time of self doubt: 

The entire Messy clan and I were meeting my mother and sister in town in a little. The kids had a late breakfast so I decided to make them an early dinner/late lunch. I quickly threw some frozen ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese on the stove while we took turns taking showers and getting ready. (Yes, it was late in the afternoon and we were just getting dressed. We're friends, right? Don't judge us. It was the weekend. Getting dressed is often optional.) Moving forward, QT is the last to come downstairs to eat. He shouted he wasn't hungry for a good 20 minutes straight, and once he was tired of the back and forth, he decided was in fact hungry. While cleaning up, I glance over at the dinning room table, to a lonely curly haired QT sitting at the table, staring at his seemingly untouched plate. 

Me: QT, did you finish your dinner?

QT: I was eating until I saw green stuff in my ravioli.

Me: it's just Spinach. 

QT: ::clearly annoyed:: Okay. 

I imagine he muttered to himself, 'Help me Lord.' a few times before he mustered up the strength to try again. He lifted the ravioli to his face to take a bite as if there were worms crawling on it. The expression on his face - absolutely painful. He proceeded to finish his meal using this uncomfortable method as if he were in an episode of Fear Factor and he were going for the grand prize! That's my QT - dramatics always!

However, there was no grand prize here. Just strong will and no choice. (More so no choice.) During times when we have no other choice, I hope we always call upon The Lord for strength and trust Him always. Prayer is a powerful tool!! 

Always remember during trials of self doubt, with God ALL things are possible! 

Take some time today to reflect on the times when you didn't know how you were going to make it.. Whether it be health, financial, spiritual, etc. During those times, didn't it seem like all hope is lost? Well, look at you now! Leave a comment. Share your story. Encourage other sisters and brothers in Christ. 


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