Friday, April 18, 2014

Messy Musings: A Letter of Gratitude!

Marriage is such a beautiful and sacred thing that no "Messy Momma Musing" would every be able to accurately display it's greatness into words. When the Lord if your foundation in marriage, you truly have an awesome thing. I'm thankful that Papi and I's faith is the playbook to our marriage.

As I'm writing this, (probably not accurate to when you'll actually read this but..) it's currently around 35 degrees outside and a Friday night. Papi is watching a basketball game and the kids are playing video games. Papi knew I was tired and sent me to the bedroom to relax. He said he'd keep an eye on the kiddos so I could rest. I'm happily wrapped in a blanket, reflecting on this gift God has given me. As it often happens, when I think of the blessings God has given me, an overwhelming sense of gratitude overcomes me. So, as I lay here as a giant human burrito, I thought I'd write my husband a quick public thank you...because he absolutely hates just adores this sort of thing!

Dear Esposo,

Thank you for coming home from a hard day of work and allowing me to crawl shamelessly into the bed at 6:30pm to play around on my phone take a nap. Thank you for making the rugrats dinner, and then making another dinner when they expressed their distaste for chimichangas. Thank you for asking about our days, scratching Chubby behind the ears, and watching the game downstairs as to not disturb my rest. Thank you, for praying for us each and every night. For answering our sports related questions DURING the game. (Exactly what RT and QT are doing right now.) For loving us still, as you pass the collections of our week scattered throughout the house, never anything in it's appropriate places. For being a man of organization but lovingly accepting a Messy Momma and her two messy piglets into your world of order. Thank you for supporting my dreams. All one million and one of them. (How I wish that was some sort of exaggerated number...) Most importantly, thank you for being a wonderful man of God. I love you.

Love always,

Take some time and thank the ones you are grateful for today!!

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