Life Goals List

Life Goals List

1. Write and publish a book.

2. Take the boys to Disney World.

3. Take a family road trip.

4. Finish a classic novel.

5. Earn my Bachelor's degree. (August 2011)

6. Earn my Master's degree.

7. Go to a drive-in movie theater.

8. Buy a house. (June 2013)

9. Knit a large blanket.

10. Travel outside of the country. (Canada, July 2012)

11. Fly outside of the country. (Japan, July 2004)

12. Make a challenging dish.

13. Dine somewhere fancy.

14. Up-cycle a piece of furniture.

15. Read the bible from cover to cover.

16. Learn a new language fluently.

17. Experience a sunrise or sunset with Nick.

18. Get a pedicure.

19. Learn how to play basic piano.

20. Purchase my dream home.

21. Reach my goal weight.

22. Give Roman and Quinton a sibling.

23. Travel west.

24. Visit Puerto Rico.

25. Visit Nicaragua.

26. Visit England.

27. Go back to Japan.

28. Walk the 5K - Race for the Cure (May 2013)

29. Run a 5K Color Run.

30. Create a library.

31. Invest in stock market.

31. Attend a Broadway Performance.

32. Marry the love of my life. (July, 2012)

33. Go kayaking.

34. Take the boys camping.

35. Teach the boys something unique.

36. Take Nick to see Lebron James play.

... & the list continues to grow.

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