Monday, April 28, 2014

Messy Momma Musings: Loving Our Differences

QT: I'm done my homework. 

Me: Bring it here so I can check it.

QT: I've already checked it.

Me: Q, bring it here.

I grab his homework and he has completed his homework correctly. Not only that, he has accented it with a star. (Teachers method of saying job well done.)

Me: ::struggling not to laugh:: What's this star?

QT: It's a star with a smiley face. 

He says with such conviction and sincerity, I can do nothing but respond with, "Nice." The star goes there when his work is correct. No fun and games about it. His work was correct. Next topic. 

This is not out of the norm for my baby boy. 

He knows what he knows. Likes what he likes. Does what he wants. Lives in a world of literalness. 

Like when he seemed down one morning and his teacher asked him where his shine was. QT was so upset at the interpreted insult. 

QT: Shine? What shine? I don't shine! 

Teach: Your sparkle. Your swag. 

She tried explaining to no avail because my boy knows, humans are opaque. We simply don't shine. 

There's no one more loving than him. He sees an animal and literally melts into a puddle of love from the sight. He's very forgiving, always willing to turn the other cheek. He loves to read. (Almost to a fault. It's extremely difficult to get his head out of a book!) He loves to sing and dance. He loves to be happy! 

The great stories about this great boy are absolutely endless. I'm blessed to be his Momma!!

Although, having a child who needs are different is an everyday challenge; however, having him as a son is truly an everyday blessing. I don't like to harp on what makes him different because we're all different. He's too great of a little boy to shed too much light on it. God has called me, in spite of me and all my messiness to be his Momma. I will never take this gift for granted.

Sometimes we all need to sit back and thank God for our blessings. In spite of our challenges, there is such joy that we should be taking advantage of and enjoying! Laughing at the little things. Rejoicing in the big things. God's plan isn't always ours, but trusting in Him is beyond important. It's crucial. He's thankfully in control. 

God bless all the Messy Mommas with special children!! Xx

Share some of your heartfelt stories below! 

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