Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Papi and I's Summer 2014 Bucket List

I was adamant about creating and following through on my 30 x 30 list: 30 things I hoped to achieve before I turned 30 years old! I griped Papi for days to complete his. My griping has only landed him 4 items and they were most likely all my ideas. (Mine is still a few short - I'm letting time inspire me!)

Some things I've been able to cross off my list half way to 30 are:

1. Receive my Bachelor's degree.
2. Traveling outside the county again.
3. Purchasing a home.

A few things I still hope to achieve:

1. Teach the boys something unique.
2. Knit something amazing! (Actually, completing a knitting project I've started would be more realistic.)
3. Complete and publish a novel.

After periodically skimming over my list, I thought about what great fun it would be to great a bucket list as a couple! Below is Papi and I's FUN summertime bucket list!

1. Get a trip in to the beach.- We go every year, usually just for the day with the kiddies. I'm not a beach person, yes we exist, so one day is all I can possibly muster.

2. Have movie marathon day in bed. - Yes, I mean the entire day in bed with all of our favorite movies. With the AC on and snacks surrounding us.Sounds like absolute heaven.

3. Play 1 on 1 basketball game at our local park.

4. See a movie at a drive-in theater. Neither one of us has been to one before. It's great trying new things together as a couple.

5. Celebrate our 2nd year anniversary somewhere new and different.

Creating a short seasonal bucket list is a great way to keep your marriage fresh and fun which is so important! 

Papi and I at a recent Phillies game enjoying the beautiful weather spring brings. Sports events are always a great way to spend time together in the summer!  (I wasn't as amused as my sports guy - It was late on a work night, can you blame me?) 

What are some FUN things you and your husband are looking to accomplish this summer?

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