Friday, May 9, 2014

Messy Musings: A Letter to my Mother

Dear Mommy,

I am so proud to be your daughter. I am so thankful to be your daughter. You are a strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman. I attribute much of who I am, to you. You have supported me throughout my life in more ways than one. You've taught me how to be a lady, a mother, and wife merely by me looking at you. You are a woman of class. And sass. Ha! You are a woman of honor and great strength! A breast cancer survivor!!! You are a fellow "Messy Momma." Although everything isn't always dusted, everyone is taken care of. Everyone is happy. You are a fellow dreamer but you're also thankfully very literal. You're my go-to for advice. You will always be the first person I can in times panic. (Choking kids, bursted pipe,etc.) You've all the answers. Sometimes not what I want to hear but always what I need to hear. You've sacrificed so much for me and my sisters. I hope we are all making you proud!!

Cheers to you Mommy!! Thank you for everything. I love you to the end of time!!


Happy Early Mother's Day to all  from Messy Momma!!!

God bless xX