Thursday, May 1, 2014

Messy Momma Musings: Rest!

Super mom? More like super tired? Who's with me?!! 

Is there any right way to manage our time, ladies? To juggle the important components in our lives? To make the crucial decisions? The answer is simpler than you think and perhaps not what you want to hear:  Just do it! 

As mothers, wives, Christians, co-workers, etc. we find ourselves wearing many hats. Each hat with it's own responsibility. It's own messiness. And while each of us approaches our various tasks differently, we all must simply "do it." (This is not in any way shape or form an endorsement for Nike, however, a recognizability in the power behind two, two letter words. Do it!")

I know life can get busy! We've so many obligations that we're constantly going throughout the week. (The reason for my messiness and madness!) How often do we have time to just sit and stare at the walls, enjoying quiet and solitude? I hear some Mommas asking what quiet and solitude even is. I hear you ladies. I completely understand. 

I find quiet and solitude is just as important as the rest of the weeks scheduled events. Having "Momma time" allows you to recharge as to not end your day locked in the bathroom crying hysterically while little fingers wiggle under the door. The horror. I do not wish this scenario on your any of you. Make your rest a priority. Schedule it in. Do it! 

Use your quiet time to spend with God. Praying and talking to him. Reading His word. Thanking him. Also, what were some hobbies you were into before your family grew in size? Take some time to enjoy those activities again! 

Isn't he just the most precious pup you've ever seen!? 

Have your husband take the kids out to a movie, the basketball court, the local YMCA, or even downstairs in your basement or den. You need some you time, Momma! The house chores can wait at the bottoms of your to-do list but your sanity cannot! (Chores weren't even on my list but I digress.) 


God Bless xX 

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