Sunday, December 21, 2014

Vanilla Sugar Scrubs: Crafty Creative

Hey there!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, I am singing. Yes, you are lucky you cannot hear me.

Christmas is quickly approaching and I truly cannot wait! I'm grateful I started early with the Messy Household. Everything is purchased and even wrapped! When I'm behind on things it can really suck the joy out of the season. Thankfully there will be no Grinch over here this Christmas! But lo' and behold - I have found myself last minute with something. A fun gift for my beautiful mother and lovely sisters. Also, getting out the family Christmas cards but who is really keeping track? 

I've been searching the beautiful black hole that is Pinterest for a fun idea that would be both thoughtful, useful, and economically sound. My pockets are running dry this Christmas season. Luckily, I found such a great idea for my mother and sisters!

Vanilla Sugar Scrub!

Look how fancy and festive they are with their miniature bows and santa hat background. & of course I've made one for myself. I can't wait to try it out!

And you can, too! I found the recipe for them here: Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Here's a brief and delicious overview of the benefits of the ingredients:

Sugar: Sugar exfoliates and rids the skin of dead skin cells. 

Honey: Honey is firstly delicious. Not the best reason to slab it all over your body? Okay. Point made. Honey is both an antioxidant and moisturizer for your skin. 
Olive Oil: Moisturizer.
Vanilla: Subtle and charming aroma. 

I just know they're going to love them!

Merry Merry Christmas, all!

What are some great and economically savvy ideas you've on your Christmas lists this year? 

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