Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Messy Momma, you're not alone.

I created this blog as a creative outlet. I'm big on jumping into a new project at every twinkling of inspiration I feel and then letting go when inspiration has left me. 

I was feeling less than inspired and with life's constant demands, I wasn't finding the time for posting.

Until this morning. 

Last night, QT told me his framed Spider-Man Comic cover fell from the wall. (He was trying to put something in between the frame. Something he obviously shouldn't be doing.) I told him to set it aside and I would fix it later and to next time leave it alone. 

This morning, as I turn on the light to wake them up and come into their room to give them some morning inspiration, I notice the frame to the Spider-Man poster board was played with and now completely cracked. (This was a poster frame, an expensive purchase, and a sincere effort to make their room stylish, unique, and new for them in the new house. This poster lasted 6 months.)

I was annoyed.

Inspiration struck me again. It was a reminder why I created this blog in the first place. Am I the only parent who has to deal with this? Are my kids the only destructive beings around? 

I know QT isn't the "norm." But is there really such a thing? Sometimes, getting him to do something he has no interest in doing takes repeated efforts, stern reminders, and sometimes bribing. But, isn't this something all parents face? 

I spend time on Pinterest, eyes glazed over with pure envy, looking at the mommy bloggers who seem to have it all together. Everything is neat. No stains on kids cute matchy matchy outfits. Big smiles.Toys put away. Fun adventures. Perfection. And they still have time to up cycle furniture and do Pilates. And I think how my life doesn't represent this, 25% of the time. Who are these people?!

In the Messy household, it's yelling, disorder, noise, mess, but love. The love is what's important. 

Just this past weekend, I went out with my mom and sister and a family friend and her family and all I asked were for nice smiles. 


Hunched over with forced smiles. Their best effort. 

Here were 90% of what the others looked like:

This is my life.

I created this blog so that other Messy Momma's can know they're not alone. That in other houses too, the laundry seems to multiply every few minutes, stepping on multiple unforeseen Legos seems to be a right of passage into parenthood, the kids often wear mix-match socks, and frozen pizza for the second night in the row sometimes just has to do. And it's all okay.

As long as love and forgiveness will always be what's not only present but what's in abundance, you're doing okay Momma. 

We just need to remind ourselves, sometimes. 

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